September 26, 2023
2 min read

Leveraging GraphQL for Next-Gen API Platforms: An Integrated Blueprint from Kong + Apollo

Rick Spurgeon
Rick Spurgeon
Developer Advocate, Kong

The growth of APIs continues to drive our digital economy, and API management underpins the success of every modern application and the businesses that depend on their success. Today, we are very excited to announce the release of an essential guide to building and managing next-generation API platforms with GraphQL. 

Kong and Apollo, as leaders in the respective areas of API management and GraphQL, have partnered to author a thorough technical examination of next-generation API platforms. This joint paper provides API practitioners with the tools they need to navigate the complex API landscape and drive successful digital experiences for their users. 

The paper starts by looking at the foundation of APIs, and how the move to microservice architectures has presented challenges for the engineering teams managing them.

We study the three key pillars of the modern API platform:

  • API gateways performing the critical mediation between API consumers and producers
  • GraphQL with supergraphs as a key service access layer for client teams
  • Service mesh as the foundational microservice layer 

A reference architecture dives into the details of each layer, providing key strategies for building, deploying and operating APIs and leveraging GraphQL using a modern approach.

Kong and Apollo technologies complement perfectly and provide the best-in-class solution at each architectural layer. The modern API platform is summarized using our respective SaaS offerings as the most complete and expedited solution to building your modern API platform.

We invite you to download a copy of this definitive guide and join Kong, Apollo, and our customers in building the secure, dynamic, and modern API Platforms of the future.