September 18, 2023
2 min read

Kong announces new AWS Workshops and AddOns for EKS Blueprints for Terraform

Claudio Acquaviva
Principal Architect, Kong
Danny Freese
Senior Software Engineer on Konnect, Kong
Andrew Huffman

The Kong and Amazon (AWS) partnership is stronger than ever! As Kong continues to evolve, with Kong Konnect and Kong Mesh, the means of integrating with AWS grows as well.

In a continuous effort to offer cutting-edge collaborations, Kong announces new Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) based contributions: Kong Konnect AddOns for the EKS Blueprints for Terraform framework and two new Kong AWS workshops.

Kong Konnect and Kong Mesh Workshops

Our first workshop, Kong and AWS was based on a fully self-managed deployment running Kong Enterprise on an Amazon EKS Cluster.

Now, we are happy to announce two new AWS workshops for Kong, Kong Konnect and Kong Mesh.

The Kong Konnect AWS workshop explores the synergy of the Kong Konnect platform, Kong's SaaS Control Plane, alongside Amazon EKS, the optimal AWS service to run Konnect's gateway dataplanes.

This hands-on workshop guides you through several use cases including caching, OIDC-based authentication processes with Amazon Cognito, Rate Limiting using Redis, as well as abstracting AWS Lambda Functions with Konnect.

Do you need a service mesh in your AWS ecosystem? The Kong Mesh AWS workshop provides an introduction to running Kong Mesh on Amazon EKS. In the workshop, we cover several important use cases: 

  • mTLS communication across all microservices
  • Traffic Permissions
  • Canary Release with Traffic Route policy
  • Fault Injection to help test resiliency and failures in your environment
  • Rate Limiting using Redis
  • Ingress into the service mesh using three mechanisms: Built-in Gateway, Kong Ingress Controller and Kubernetes Gateway API

Kong Konnect AddOns - Kong Gateway and Kong Ingress Controller - EKS Blueprints Terraform 

In today's dynamic software development landscape, managing complex infrastructures for scalability, security, and efficiency is a significant challenge. Amazon EKS and Kong Gateway, the world’s most adopted API gateway, offer powerful solutions for orchestrating containerized applications and handling API traffic. Terraform, an infrastructure-as-code tool plays a crucial role in automating and codifying infrastructure deployment, making it reproducible and collaborative. Terraform Blueprints have emerged as a popular approach to seamlessly deploy EKS and Kong while encapsulating best practices. 

We are excited to announce that we have two new Kong Konnect AddOns to deploy Kong Gateway and Kong Ingress Controller in the EKS Blueprints for Terraform framework.

These AddOns take you from zero to EKS with Kong in minutes. 

If you’re interested in how to get started, we have several examples ready for you ranging from simple to getting started with EKS and Kong on AWS Graviton. 

To learn more on this, refer to this blog post

Next Steps 

Register for the Amazon EKS Blueprints with Kong Konnect and KIC Workshop. And get started with Kong Konnect today with a free trial.

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