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Join Us at an In-Person Meetup in May

Kong handles 400 billion API calls a day. That’s a lot of API calls. And that means there are a lot of you around the world using Kong.

From San Francisco to Dubai, Kong has 81 Meetup groups around the globe with more than 10,000 members. Join one to meet fellow Kong users and network, talk shop, and stay on top of the latest Kong-related tech.

Check out all the Meetup groups here to find and join a group near you.

At our April 2023 meetups, we were thrilled to see all of our community members, partners, and customers come together. Here are some photos from meetups in Amsterdam and Brussels.

May 2023 Kong meetups

There’s never been a better time to attend your first meetup! You could get pizza (or tapas or drinks, depending on which meetup you attend). But you will definitely learn loads more about Kong and meet other awesome people from our community of developers, customers, partners, and Kong enthusiasts.

Read on for the rundown of this month’s upcoming meetups!

Istanbul (May 30)

We’re thrilled to invite you to our first in-person meetup in Istanbul for 2023 in collaboration with Desoft.

During the first talk, Bruno Mandic (Sr Solutions Engineer at Kong) will present on “Kong: Powering the World’s Connections”. By attending the session you stand to immerse yourself in the cutting-edge cloud connectivity and gain access to a 14-day free trial of the streamlined SaaS API platform for multi-cloud environments.

Our second talk will be an interactive Q&A session hosted by Kerem Pakdemir (Managing Partner, Desoft). We’ll dedicate a large portion of our time together to address your questions around API gateways, migration from one gateway to another, API CI/CD processes, logging and monitoring, securing APIs, K8 deployments, Ingress Controllers, and whatever you would like to learn to manage APIs in distributed systems. We’re interested to hear your use cases and the challenges you’re facing with your API management practices, and we’ll try to find answers together.

Want to keep up with Meetups near you and other Kong events? Check out the Kong Events page. Or explore other ways you can find your place in the Kong Community.

Kong Meetup Photo Collage March 2023

Kong community members get together in March 2023 at meetups in San Francisco, Barcelona, and London.

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