October 5, 2021
2 min read

Welcoming Kore Labs to the Kong Family!

Lynn Grigsby

As Kong continues to expand its global footprint, we recently added Kore Labs, experts in FinTech digital product lifecycle management solutions, to the Kong customer community in the UK. Kore built its cloud-enabled solution on top of Kong in order to revamp its architecture to scale and provide customized solutions for its clients.

Financial product lifecycle management is highly regulated yet poorly governed, siloed and inefficient, leaving financial institutions at high risk of regulatory enforcement fines, remediation costs and reputational damage. Kore is solving common challenges in the financial sector around taxonomy, product lifecycle tracking and regulatory operations through its SaaS solution that provides financial institutions with the ability to digitize data and events, from ideation to retirement.

By leveraging Kong, Kore is able to utilize microservices to offer clients a subset of offerings that suit their specific needs - from granting business and regulatory oversight for senior leaders, providing a cross-product management tool for specialists all the way through to offering an intuitive product hub for frontline users.

"With cloud standards changing daily, selecting a reliable and stable product is critical," said Angelo Ovidi, chief architect and head of technology at Kore and Innovator of the Year winner in the 2021 Cloud Connectivity Innovator Awards. "With Kong, adoption was simple, seamless and scalable. The amount of flexibility and available plugins is remarkable, which is a huge value-add when it comes to preserving time and focusing on delivering more to the client."

With its API-first approach enabled by Kong, Kore now has the ability to expand and contract Kubernetes clusters through auto-scaling and can provision for the exact usage required at any one time - cutting infrastructure costs by 80%.

Moving away from a legacy architecture to a modern, modular approach shrank application development time for the company from eight months down to just one. Plus, Kore can start a secure service route through Kong in a matter of minutes, and integrations with other Kong customers and partners have both expedited and simplified the process.

"At Kore, we leverage the SSO and OAuth2 plugins from Kong for our clients," said Ovidi. "Kong has been a game changer, enabling us to remain aware of what each and every part of our code is doing and know where the changes are being made. Authentication is required every step of the way."

Moving forward, Kore aims to complete its architecture transition to a hybrid cloud environment with Kong, in order to cater to a variety of client environments. In doing so, the company will continue with a security-first and API-first commitment, while onboarding new customers and expanding their service set.

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