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decK 1.7.0 Released

If you’ve not heard of decK (our declarative configuration and drift detection tool for Kong Gateway) before, now’s a great time to get hands-on with it as we’ve just shipped decK v1.7.0 with a whole host of new goodies. Oh, and it’s all open source as usual.

APIOps With Konnect

v1.7.0 adds lots of Konnect-related functionality that I’m really excited about, starting with the new deck convert command. deck convert allows you to take a declarative configuration file from an on-premises Kong Gateway (both OSS and Enterprise) and convert your configuration into a format that Konnect can use:

deck convert --from kong-gateway --to konnect --input-file kong.yaml --output-file konnect.yaml

Did you know that Konnect is available in regions all over the world? If you happen to use this functionality, you’ll be glad to know that v1.7.0 contains a –konnect-addr flag which allows you to use decK with any Konnect instance.

Finally, this release adds support for service documents and OpenAPI specs when running deck konnect dump. This allows you to manage your documentation declaratively as well as your service configuration, making it even easier to practice APIOps with Kong.

Other Notable Changes

There are some quality-of-life changes like default HTTP request timeouts or a better sort order for entities when running deck dump (thanks to @mmorel-35 for the issue and subsequent pull request).

If you’ve been looking for a way to provide sensitive information in your state files, we’ve got you covered. This change allows you to define parameters in your environment and access them in your declarative configuration using the env helper e.g.:

- keyauth_credentials:
  - key: ${{ env "DECK_CONSUMER_KEY_JASON" }}
  username: Jason

Please note that you must always prefix the environment variables name with “DECK_”.

This allows you to keep sensitive information out of version control whilst still controlling your gateway configuration declaratively.

Please read the changelog for a complete list of changes.


You can get decK 1.7.0 on the GitHub releases page, where we offer downloads for Windows, macOS and Linux.


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