Fireside Chat: Adopt AI and multi-LLM strategies in a secure and governable way with Kong

Event Ended
March 13, 2024

Join us to discuss the intersection of API Management and artificial intelligence (AI), and see how Kong addresses the challenges organizations face in adopting AI.

AI continues to revolutionize every aspect of business, including driving an increase in API usage. Organizations wish to adopt and support different AI technologies, effectively control the flow of data that goes into AI, and securely govern AI consumption at scale.

This fireside chat is an exciting opportunity to hear Kong CTO, Marco Palladino, and Head of Product Marketing, Bryan Nairn discuss the fast-changing nature of the AI landscape, why organizations are rushing to adopt AI, along with the challenges they face. The duo will also discuss how Kong helps organizations address the challenges associated with adopting multiple LLMs, as well as securing and governing AI data and usage.

Key Takeaways

  • Implications of AI adoption, as well as future impact.
  • Organizational adoption, who's using it, and what the challenges are.
  • The intersection of APIM and AI.
  • How Kong’s AI Gateway addresses these challenges.
Presented By
Marco Palladino
CTO and Co-Founder
Bryan Nairn, CISSP
Head of Product Marketing