What is the Kong API Gateway used for?

Kong API Gateway can be used for all kinds of API data use cases, including many of the biggest challenges faced by enterprise customers.

Kong API gateway enterprise use cases include:


Automation has the potential to massively increase efficiency and productivity in data-heavy roles, and the Kong API Gateway allows you to implement automation at every stage of your API data streams.

Using Kong’s automation tools and custom workflows, you can automate at a bespoke level to maximize efficiency while also minimizing the number of errors that occur due to human mistakes.


Organizations in regulated sectors and other industries face an ever-increasing legal responsibility to comply with data protection and other legislation. Role-based access control (RBAC) helps to improve compliance by restricting access to data to only those individuals who have a legitimate need to work with it.

By connecting data throughput end-to-end, the Kong API Gateway allows encryption from start to finish, again helping to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access and minimize the risk of non-compliant data leaks.


Kong API Gateway can be extended using plugins to connect data from multiple different environments, including multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

By doing this, data connectivity can be achieved regardless of vendor, allowing different data streams to be combined and processed in a common way, and improving interactions between data from different parts of your business activity.


In addition to the compliance capabilities mentioned above, Kong API Gateway enables more effective governance with real-time data analytics to help you identify any infringements and human errors.

This means you can ensure that individuals, partners and teams all adhere to policies and take action when needed to correct any unacceptable behaviors.


Internal development teams can work faster and smarter using Kong’s plugin library to eliminate redundant tasks and accelerate the coding of new applications and features.

Combined with detailed internal API documentation, this helps your development teams to know exactly what they are working with and to collaborate more effectively across multiple different geographies and technologies.

New Ecosystems

Work with new ecosystems that deliver new benefits and capabilities thanks to Kong’s ability to deploy with orchestration systems like Kubernetes, Kuma and others.

By offering this ability out of the box, Kong makes it easier to benefit from container orchestration and other flexible control systems, giving you excellent control over the nature of your Kong deployment.

Other uses

These are just some examples of the versatility of the Kong API Gateway. In practice, it can unlock huge flexibility and more effective management of API data, as well as centralizing data flows from different vendors into a consistent, usable format.

Plugins and policies allow you to extend and tweak the way Kong works for you, so that it meets your unique needs however complex they may be, yet provides access to your data through an intuitive dashboard.

Vast scalability, flexibility and a wide range of customization options from plugins and policies to directly modifying the open-source code, all add up to an API Gateway that meets the needs of enterprise users in a way that platform-specific dashboards cannot.

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