Azure Marketplace

Kong is proud to partner with Azure Cloud Services and offer Kong Enterprise 2020, the end-to-end service control platform, on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.


By deploying Kong Enterprise through the Azure Marketplace, customers with a subscription to Microsoft’s cloud service can take advantage of easy deployment and application management. Specifically, as a service control platform, Kong Enterprise customers can apply traffic policies via declarative configurations, automate deployments and manage container-based applications running on the Azure cloud platform.


Kong Enterprise provides the industry’s lowest latency and highest scalability to ensure your services always perform at their best. Kong’s lightweight, open source core allows you to optimize performance across all your services, no matter where they run.

The elegant Kong Manager interface and simple one-click operations make managing services across your entire organization easy. Robust integrations with leading CI/CD tools and AI-powered automation streamlines the process of monitoring, securing and orchestrating all your APIs and microservices.

The Kong Dev Portal delivers a unified, customizable experience for all your internal and external developers. Streamline the developer onboarding process by easily issuing credentials and assigning access privileges with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

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