Neosec API Security for Kong Gateway

The intelligent way to protect your APIs from business abuse and data theft

APIs are the building blocks of digital transformation and today comprise the majority of internet traffic. This growth in API adoption is massive and fuels innovation, but APIs are largely undefended and a blind spot for security teams in most enterprises.

Neosec is reinventing application security with a powerful platform that unifies security and development teams to protect modern applications from threats. The foundation of the SaaS platform is built on data and analytics to manage security at scale. Neosec protects APIs from misuse and abuse using behavioral analytics.

Neosec enables Kong customers to easily gain enterprise API security capabilities to protect their business critical processes. Neosec detects API abuse and automatically orchestrates conditional responses on specific “consumer” entities into Kong Gateway. The technology integration is the first API security solution with closed loop feedback into an API gateway.

Key Benefits

Continuous API discovery & risk audit

You can only protect what you see. With Neosec, APIs are no longer a security blindspot. Discover your entire API estate without adding another sensor. Visibility into your API inventory is easy and takes minutes. Understand the risk of each discovered API with a comprehensive risk audit.

Context-aware security with behavioral analytics

Prevent API abuse with behavioral and context-aware security. The Neosec brain is an analytics engine that examines all your API usage data over time. Security and development teams make better decisions when the complete story of API use and abuse is understood.

Investigate APIs and hunt for threats

Powerful investigation capabilities allow you to understand the threats detected in your APIs. Easily investigate and find threats on your own, or let our expert threat hunters find them for you.

Prevent threats directly in Kong Gateway

API threats are different, and responses must be context-aware. Neosec provides the ability to create customized conditional response playbooks that improve your security and DevOps processes and work with your existing technology. The Neosec integration automatically orchestrates conditional responses on specific “consumer” entities directly into Kong Gateway.

“Because APIs expose core business functionality, the approach of applying AI-based behavior analysis to track and analyze all relationships between users and business entities is so critical for detecting abuse.”

—Rinki Sethi, VP & CISO, Twitter