Kubernetes Operator for API Gateways

Automate the day-2 operations of your API Gateways on Kubernetes with Kong Gateway Operator.

It's never been easier to automate the management of Kong Gateway on Kubernetes

Self-driving API gateways

Elevate your API gateways to operate autonomously, dynamically scaling up and down to ensure peak performance and optimal service quality at your digital touchpoints. Let our technology handle the complexity, so you can focus on delivering unparalleled user experiences.

Streamlined security automation 

With security at the forefront, our solution simplifies one of the most crucial yet cumbersome tasks - certificate rotation. Kong Gateway Operator streamlines this process, fortifying your APIs while freeing you from the laborious manual work. Experience enhanced security with minimal effort.

Easy button for K8s gateway deployment

Introducing the ultimate convenience in API gateway management — deploy gateways of any size or configuration with just one command. Utilize the power of standard Kubernetes APIs for a flexible, vendor-neutral environment, ensuring your infrastructure remains agile and adaptable.

Why Kong Gateway Operator?

Kubernetes-native deployment and management of Kong Gateway.


100% deployment flexibility

  • Run Kong Gateway Operator where you please. Leverage stand-alone Kong Gateway deployments, Kong Ingress Deployments, or Kong Konnect Gateway Hybrid Data Planes.

  • Automatically connect all running Gateways to Kong Konnect and gain insights with built-in industry leading analytics.

Automatic certificate rotation

  • Mitigate certificate-related downtime with automated expiration monitoring and rotation.
  • Deep CertManager integration allows you to use any issuer available in your cluster (e.g. ACM, GCM, LetsEncrypt).

Advanced autoscaling

  • Have the option to autoscale your workloads based on response latency, rather than only CPU usage.

  • Autoscale Kong Gateway based on CPU and memory usage, then shut them down automatically when they’re no longer needed.

Kubernetes native metrics

  • Filter and aggregate by Kubernetes resources—no translation needed.
  • Build observability dashboards that can be filtered by Kubernetes resources to gain insights faster.

Managed Gateways

  • Configure Gateway API resources, and let us take care of the rest. Let your developers focus on generating business value.
  • Retain control over key decisions such as the version of Kong Gateway being deployed.
Artificial Intelligence

AI Gateway

  • Deploy and use an AI Gateway in under 60 seconds on Kubernetes.
  • Leverage no-code AI plugins to address cross-cutting concerns for security, data privacy, and much more.

A hands-off approach to Kubernetes

Deploy, configure and monitor Kong Gateway on Kubernetes with the Kong Gateway Operator. Work with vendor neutral Gateway API resources and we’ll handle the rest.

Customize as much as you need with PodTemplateSpec and HorizontalPodAutoscaler policy support, or keep the defaults and things will just work.


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