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Enterprise service mesh based on Kuma for multi-cloud and multi-cluster on both Kubernetes and VMs.

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Built on top of Envoy, Kong Mesh is a modern control plane focused on simplicity, security and scalability

Get started in minutes

Deploy with a single command. Connect to other services automatically with built-in service discovery, including an Ingress resource and Remote CPs.

Run in any environment

Support across any environment, including multi-cluster, multi-cloud and multi-platform on both Kubernetes and VMs.

Scale with ease

Accelerate initiatives like zero-trust and GDPR with native mesh policies, improving the speed and efficiency of every application team.

Customer Voice

Customer Voice

“We chose Kong Mesh in large part because we needed a solution that would allow our customers to support both Kubernetes and virtual machines, while providing an easier path to migrating between the two.” – Read Case Study

Aaron Weikle,
CEO of MS3

Unique connectivity made easy


Unique connectivity made easy

Address any use-case

Deploy a single control plane that can scale horizontally to many data planes, or support multiple clusters or even hybrid service meshes running on both Kubernetes and VMs combined.

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Discover services automatically

Simplify cross zone communication using an Envoy-based ingress deployment on both Kubernetes and VMs, as well as the built-in DNS resolver for service-to-service communication.

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Enable monitoring and troubleshooting

Built on top of Envoy with 50+ observability charts out of the box, you can collect metrics, traces and logs of all L4-L7 traffic.

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Add functionality with zero downtime

Integrate with Kong Ingress Controller to implement authentication, transformations, and other functionalities across Kubernetes clusters with zero downtime.


Be an APIOps superhero

Configure Mesh natively using an API, web UI, or with declarative configuration to manage updates via your CI/CD pipelines.

Focus on building, not operations Coming Soon

Kong Mesh is part of the Konnect managed connectivity platform. Konnect provides managed connectivity functionality through a hosted control plane with real-time analytics, API Portals, simplified service discovery and more.Learn More →

Get Started in Minutes

  1. Download

    To start using Kong Mesh, you need to download a compatible version of Kong Mesh for the machine from which you will be executing the commands. You can run the following script to automatically detect the operating system and download Kong Mesh.

    $ curl -L https://docs.konghq.com/mesh/installer.sh | sh -
  2. Run

    Once downloaded, you will find - among other files - the bin directory that stores the executables, including the CLI client kumactl. This example will run Kong Mesh in standalone mode for a flat deployment, but there are more advanced deployment modes like multi-zone.

    $ kumactl install control-plane
      --license-path=/path/to/license.json | kubectl apply -f - http://localhost:8001/services/
  3. Use

    Now that Kong Mesh has been installed, you can access the control plane using either the GUI, kubectl, the HTTP API, or the CLI. By default, the read-only GUI listens on the API port 5681. To access Kong Mesh, port-forward the API service.
    Now you can navigate to to see the GUI.

    $ kubectl port-forward svc/kuma-control-plane -n kuma-system 5681:5681

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