Use Cases

Identity and encryption
automatically delivered

The more services our teams create and the more important it is to provide a platform to deliver zero-trust security and OPA to our apps.

    kong mesh

    Build stronger security walls

    Reduce risk in a world plagued by security and repetitional threats with 1-click zero trust security and supercharged OPA integration.

    Reduce operational complexity

    Creating a strong security stance comes with substantial overhead. Kong Mesh eliminate the complexity with automatic TLS and OPA management.

    Improve TCO for every service

    When our teams are not asked to build security infrastructure, they are more productive and they execute faster with overall more secure apps.

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    Zero-Trust in 1-click

    Enable automatic provisioning of identities across every service in the organization without having to update our services.

    • Built-in, custom and HashiCorp Vault CAs
    • Dynamic provisioning of TLS identities for every service.
    • Transport encryption for secure service communication.
    • Automatic rotation and management of certificates.
    • Works on Kubernetes, VMs and bare metal.
    • Support for multi-cluster and multi-cloud.

    AuthN/Z delivered via OPA

    Abstract away authN/Z checks and provide a standardize way to enable security across our services and APIs.

    • Supercharged OPA that doesn’t require additional agent sidecar
    • Support for local or 3rd party policy storage (ie: Styra)
    • Single and multi-zone support with automatic propagation

    Automatic TLS certificate lifecycle

    Issuing and managing TLS certificates can be an extremely complex operational task, especially across multiple environments.

    • Automatic rotation and expiration of data plane proxy certificate
    • Automatic rotation and expiration of the CA stores
    • Spiffe compliant TLS issuance
    • CA compartmentalization for multiple applications
    • API & GUI certificate lifecycle status and reports

    Questions about breaking your monolith down into smaller parts?

    Contact us today and tell us more about your configuration and we can offer details about features, support, plans and consulting.