Kong AI Gateway

AI Gateway to run, secure, and govern AI traffic to LLMs and vector DBs

Organizations across all industries increasingly recognize the strategic business value AI brings to their unique markets. The mainstream availability of generative AI (genAI) technologies, large language models (LLM), and vector databases (DBs) has created an unprecedented race for adoption. AI’s rapid evolution and heavy reliance on data introduces new complexities that must be managed as increasing pressure mounts to leverage AI. 

Organizations look to adopt AI in order to drive innovation and enhance their competitive edge. And while successful adoption of AI may look different from one company to the next, similar challenges are emerging for all. Enterprises of all sizes want to easily adopt multiple LLMs, safeguard data with built-in tools, and meet their compliance requirements with full governance.  

Kong AI Gateway is designed for anyone—including developers, teams and broader business functions—looking to integrate AI into their applications with greater ease, security, and standardization. AI Gateway simplifies the process of connecting, managing, and securing access to multiple LLMs without needing to write any code.

Kong AI Gateway helps organizations accelerate their AI transformation by:

  • Simplifying multi-LLM adoption
  • Safeguarding sensitive data
  • Governing internal AI consumption