Keynote: Customer Stories, Insomnia 2020.5, Service Hub in Konnect, Kong Mesh 1.1

Kong leaders, along with industry special guests, will continue to explore connectivity in this new digital reality and unveil more exciting, new products that will redefine what connectivity means today — and beyond.


Marco Palladino profile Picture

   Marco Palladino



Sandeep Singh Kohli profile Picture

   Sandeep Singh Kohli

   Vice President of Marketing


Reza Shafii profile Picture

   Reza Shafii

   VP of Product


Jordan Lawler profile Picture

   Jordan Lawler

   Software Dev


Nijiko Yonskai profile Picture

   Nijiko Yonskai

   Product Manager


Paolo Morello profile Picture

   Paolo Morello



Stephanie Kalacis profile Picture

   Stephanie Kalacis

   UX Designer

   Kong Inc.

Melissa van der Hecht profile Picture

   Melissa van der Hecht

   Field Product Manager