Kong Summit 2020 Opening Keynote with Kong Co-Founders & Special Guests

Kong Co-Founders Augusto Marietti and Marco Palladino, joined by other Kong leaders and industry guests, will share their vision for connectivity in this new digital reality and unveil exciting, new products that will redefine what connectivity means today — and beyond.


Augusto Marietti profile Picture

   Augusto Marietti

   CEO & Co-founder


Reza Shafii profile Picture

   Reza Shafii

   VP of Product


Shane Connelly profile Picture

   Shane Connelly

   Director of Product Management


Sandeep Singh Kohli profile Picture

   Sandeep Singh Kohli

   Vice President of Marketing


Luca Maraschi profile Picture

   Luca Maraschi

   VP of Engineering


Kathleen DeValk profile Picture

   Kathleen DeValk

   Chief Architect at MindSphere


Paolo Morello profile Picture

   Paolo Morello