Kubernetes Ingress

Take control of your cluster

Don’t manage your Kubernetes clusters, own them. Kong’s Ingress Controller implements authentication, transformations, and other functionalities across Kubernetes clusters with zero downtime.

Bridge the gap between legacy and cloud-native. Kong Gateway connects Kubernetes clusters with services running across any environment or platform – from data center to multi-cloud, baremetal to containers.

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Simple By Design

Kong's Kubernetes Ingress Controller simplifies cluster management

Simple By Design

Declarative Config

Configure Kong Gateway the same way as k8s, using kubectl with a declarative API

Simplified Annotations

Minimalist annotations make code more reusable and composable

High Availability

Kong Gateway handles failover automatically,
reducing potential downtime

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  • Empower Your Ingress Layer
    Configure Kong Gateway plugins at the ingress layer. Extend functionality for logging, analytics, tracing and more instantly.
  • Own Your Inbound and Outbound Traffic
    Manage traffic for both ingress and egress with Kong Gateway. Protect, monitor and scale your services directly from the Ingress layer.
  • Unlock Cloud-native
    Streamline the process of implementing Kubernetes. Start building cloud-native services and applications instantly.

Support All Your Deployments

From centralized to de-centralized architectures

Kong Gateway optimizes your services, regardless of deployment pattern, environment, or use case

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