Scaling High-Performance APIs and Microservices

Featuring Marco Palladino, CTO, and Reza Shafii, VP of Product, at Kong Inc.

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Use Cases

Turn connectivity into
electricity with Kong Mesh

Provide modern service mesh infrastructure to every application team, that is always available, always reliable and runs everywhere. Just like electricity.

    Eliminate downtime & reduce costs

    Reliable L4 and L7 connectivity across every team, that is composable, reliable, secure and observable out of the box.

    Unify heterogeneous services

    Support Kubernetes and VMs, across multi-cloud and regions for teams at any stage in their journey to microservices.

    Accelerate time-to-market

    Focus on developing what matters: micro-services, APIs and our products. Modern connectivity is baked in.

    MS3 Selects Kong Mesh to Power its Next-Generation Integration Platform

    Yahoo! Japan - Looking Beyond the API Platform

    Verifone Trusts Kong for its Global, Omnichannel Payments Solution

    Papa John’s Accelerates Time to Market 3X with Kong

    Being able to inject end-to-end security and tracing without introducing performance issues is huge for our customers. With Kong Mesh and Kong, we know that our customers will get a flexible, high-performance solution for all their needs, now and in the future.

    Aaron Weikle , CEO at MS3

    With Kong, we knew that we would get something that would work perfectly with our technology today and set us up for where we want to go. Kong allows us to deploy on-premise, easily integrates with all the technologies we use across the company and gives us the flexibility we want to avoid vendor lock-in.

    Kanaderu Fukuda , Senior Manager at Yahoo! Japan

    Since all regional payment systems were previously monoliths exposing APIs separately, the API gateway was a greenfield project for Verifone. "In moving to microservices, we knew we needed an API gateway."

    Hans van Leeuwen , Lead Architect at Verifone

    As these integrations scaled up, the addition of a robust API Gateway solution like Kong to our technology stack was a no-brainer.

    Sarika Attal , Senior Director at Papa John’s

    Deploy multi-cluster service meshes

    With Kong Mesh, support for a distributed service mesh across multiple zones, including Kubernetes clusters and virtual machines, is native and automatic:

    • Native multi-zone, multi-cluster, multi-cloud
    • Built-in policy propagation and reconciliation
    • Multi-mesh support for every team
    • AWS Fargate, AWS ECS, Windows compatible
    • OpenShift, AKS, EKS, GKE and more

    1-Click identity, TLS management and OPA

    With Kong Mesh, we can setup modern infrastructure that is automatically secure and easy to use, to prevent modern threats to our applications:

    • Zero-trust security, identity and encryption in one click
    • Automated certificate rotation and expiration
    • Bundled OPA support with no additional sidecar
    • Integration with Hashicorp Vault
    • Traffic permissions by attributes and geography

    Maximize observability and debugging

    The more decoupled and distributed applications become, the more important it is to capture metrics and traces to always identify when and where problems happen, and fix them fast:

    • 70+ observability charts out of the box
    • Service topology map
    • Native tracing via Zipkin, Jaeger or Datadog
    • Logging and metrics collection to any 3rd party

    Questions about breaking your monolith down into smaller parts?

    Contact us today and tell us more about your configuration and we can offer details about features, support, plans and consulting.

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