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Kong’s comprehensive and flexible API management platform empowers developers to focus on building innovative applications while we take care of the rest.

Scale smart with Kong

Tech companies today must marry innovation with efficiency and performance to deliver user experiences that create customer value. However, this becomes increasingly difficult as you scale. The growing volume and sources of data, combined with each added layer of legacy gateways, ingress managers, and mesh sidecars, can slow your applications and lead to poor user experiences.

See how McAfee leveraged Kong as a centralized gateway to ingest and serve data to their data platform at a greater scale while achieving low latency and a high throughput of 150 megabytes per second.

Get more from your APIs

Launch new services faster

The pace of tech innovation is only accelerating. Stay agile with an API-first approach and quickly roll out new applications by automating API management with architectural flexibility.

Improve the developer experience

Enhance developer productivity by repurposing existing APIs and freeing developers from the burden of operational maintenance. Build innovative products that create customer value with an extensive array of out-of-the-box Gateway and Mesh policies. 

Take charge of security

Safeguard your APIs by implementing secrets management and managing authentication and authorization from a single source. Leverage an extensive plugin ecosystem that can accommodate your security needs as they evolve.

Build modern applications faster with Kong

Accelerate time to market

Automate your API and microservices lifecycle with Kong using seamless integration into your DevOps and GitOps workflows. Enjoy the flexibility of deploying and running your applications where you need to, whether on-premises, hybrid, cloud, or multi-cloud.

Kong enabled NexJ Systems’ API-first strategy to reduce tech debt across the organization and cut API development time nearly in half.

Take charge of security

With Kong's comprehensive set of built-in security features and extensive plugin ecosystem, manage your security needs from a single source. Easily create granular security, authentication, authorization, encryption monitoring, and AI policies that meet your exact needs. Add to that Kong’s secrets management services or vaults that help manage access, establish encryption, and rotate keys regardless of where you’re running.

See how Yahoo! Japan leveraged Kong Gateway to centralize authentication and authorization and improve the security of its services.

Customize Kong to fit your evolving needs

Create policies that automatically transform data and protocol to quickly address evolving API protocol requirements. The 1,000+ Kong Gateway plugins also give you the flexibility to build exactly what you need without complications.

See how Ubisoft extended Kong Gateway capabilities to level up its developer platform for a unified experience.

Build and connect modern applications easily

Apply consistent security measures and governance across all services with Kong Mesh. Gain visibility into your mesh performance with a single pane of glass view offering various out-of-the-box, observability charts. Additionally, enjoy the architectural freedom to deploy anywhere, whether in Kubernetes, cloud, on-premises, containers, or virtual machines.

See how MS3 used Kong Mesh as a comprehensive solution for their integration and connectivity needs to build a new integration platform.

Empower developers

Is API sprawl wasting your developers' time? Let Kong centralize your API management with its extensive out-of-the-box API Gateway and Mesh policies. Without the operational burden that often falls on application teams, they can focus on developing application logic rather than creating and managing API management policies. Ultimately, accelerate innovation and enhance your application reliability.

See how SeatGeek standardized on Kong Konnect to unlock developer autonomy, faster innovation, and over 86 million monthly API requests.

Gartner names Kong a Leader

Kong was named a Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Leader for API Management.

Kong Mesh is also recognized as a Leader in the 2023 GigaOm® Radar Report for Service Mesh.

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