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Build apps faster with a full-stack platform that seamlessly delivers API management, Ingress, and Service Mesh. Multi-clouds and Kubernetes native.

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Kong Named a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant Full Lifecycle API Management

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Announcing Konnect, a Service Connectivity Platform for the end user era, targeted for release Q1 2021.
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Blow up the monolith

Distributed architectures and microservices can accelerate development cycles and reduce costs. But cloud native apps bring new challenges in providing reliable connectivity.

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Monolith 1 Service

Services Few Services

Microservices 100+ Microservices

Service Mesh 1000+ Microservices

Emerging Patterns ∞ Microservices

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Service Mesh


API Gateway & Ingress


API Designer

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The Service Connectivity Platform

Manage and apply dozens of traffic and security policies to your services with the click of a button.
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Control and analyze API traffic flowing in and out of your organization to spot bottlenecks, error rates and spikes.
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Apply end-to-end encryption out of the box, auditing logs and get alerted to traffic anomolies in real time.
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