By on October 2, 2019

Kong Gateway 2.0 Alpha Released at Kong Summit 2019

Kong Gateway 2.0 takes all the work we put into creating Kong and builds on it to create a truly stable, battle-tested API gateway that is stable under extreme performance conditions and a diverse array of architectures and implementations. With this release, we are especially excited to address some of the most common requests from our community, as well as lay the foundation for continued growth and innovation within our open-source platform. Read on below to check out the new capabilities.

Go Plugin PDK

Everyone loves that Kong is lightweight and extremely performant, as well as flexible thanks to its plug-in architecture, but the number one request we’ve heard over and over is support for languages beyond Lua. We are proud to announce that Kong Gateway 2.0 includes a plugin PDK for the popular Go programming language. Now you can develop Kong plug-ins in another language! We plan to continue ensuring that Kong supports development in languages popular in the community, so you can focus on building applications rather than learning new languages. 

Hybrid Mode

As our community knows, Kong works as a cluster of independent, stateless, nodes. Up until now, the most common configuration has been exposing a port where Kong serves traffic for the proxy (data plane), and another for configuration (the RESTful management API, the control plane). Kong Gateway 2.0 separates the data plane and control plane, allowing greater flexibility in infrastructure architecture and enabling the Hybrid mode. This means now you can deploy your data plane on-prem to get the maximum performance and also get the convenience to access your control plane on the cloud

Native gRPC Proxy

Kong Gateway 2.0 streamlines your operational flow with native gRPC support, bringing more control and visibility to any gRPC-enabled infrastructure. You can add A/B testing, automatic retry and circuit breaking to your gRPC services for better reliability and uptime. Kong Gateway 2.0 also supports logging, analytics or Prometheus integration for gRPC services.

Upstream mTLS

Kong Gateway 2.0 increases security for Kong-proxied services with upstream mTLS authentication. Kong has long supported TLS connection to the upstream services. Now Kong Gateway 2.0 supports presenting a specific certificate while handshaking with upstream for increased security. This means Kong is now even better equipped to serve industries that require strong authentication guarantees, such as financial services and health care. By presenting a trusted certificate, the upstream service verifies that the incoming request was forwarded by Kong, not malicious clients. You can also now use Kong to transform a Service that requires mutual TLS authentication to methods that are more developer agnostic, such as OAuth. 

DB-less Deployment

By popular demand, we have deepened support for DB-less deployment of Kong. This supports simplified implementation and reduced architecture complexity, as well as markedly increased performance. 

Declarative Configuration

Kong Gateway 2.0 includes full-featured declarative configuration, making it easier to create config files as well as manage backups and version control. 1.1 introduced DB Import for kickstarting Kong, and the 1.3 addition of DB Export now allows for an exported YAML file for declarative config or importing back to the database later.


We are all very excited about this latest release and are looking forward to delivering more community-driven innovation going forward. We’re very grateful to our awesome community of Kong users that gives us the in-the-trenches feedback we need to keep improving Kong. Thank you to everyone that’s been involved to date, and we look forward to continuing to build the future of Kong with you.

Download the Kong Gateway 2.0 Alpha today to try out all the new features, and be sure to let us know what you think on Kong Nation.

Happy Konging!