Kong Gateway Release 2.4

By on April 14, 2021

Kong Gateway (OSS) 2.4 Released

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Hello Kong Nation 👋 ! We’re back with another fresh release of Kong Gateway (OSS). Read on or watch the Meetup recording for the latest release information.


A Home for JavaScript 

It’s no secret that JavaScript, with its ecosystem of frameworks, libraries and development tools, has solidified itself as the most commonly used programming language. In Version 2.4 of Kong Gateway (OSS), we are further opening up plugin development by giving JavaScript developers a toolset to design new, original and creative Kong Gateway plugins. This beta JavaScript PDK provides the ability to implement custom logic at various points of the request processing lifecycle. This is all made possible by leveraging the Node.js runtime alongside the Kong Gateway (OSS). If you’d like to take an early look at developing JavaScript plugins, check out the documentation here.

Kong also features an extensive Plugin Hub which showcases both Kong and community-developed plugins. Contribute to the Plugin Hub and ensure your innovative plugin is published to the broader community!

Liberating Logs

Kong Gateway (OSS) developers are often faced with the difficult task of determining the most appropriate way to prepare or format logs for use in downstream systems.

With Version 2.4, we introduced a powerful new capability which can transform Kong Gateway (OSS) logs to any format that’s needed for capturing, indexing and correlating logs for your organization’s systems. Developers can now format logs by removing fields, creating new fields with specific timestamps/unique IDs or even rearranging logs into a specific tool’s required format. By transforming logs directly in Kong Gateway (OSS) in whichever way is most useful to your team, you can remove the reliance on extra data transformation tools.

When formatting logs, can dynamically modify fields using Lua code too! This opens up a wide range of possibilities for generating logs to a specification that administrators need the most. 

This feature uses the new PDK method kong.log.set_serialize_value, as well as the new sandbox capability, both introduced in Kong Gateway (OSS) 2.3. The following plugins are supported: file-log, Loggly, Syslog, tcp-log, udp-log and http-log.

Hybrid Mode

Relaxing Compatibility Checks

In Kong Gateway (OSS) 2.0, we introduced a deployment method called “Hybrid Mode”, also known as control plane/data plane (CP/DP) separation . One of the major benefits of this mode is the ease of Kong administration: admins only need to interact with the CP nodes to control and monitor the status of their entire Kong cluster. With this latest release, we’ve relaxed many of the version requirements so administrators can upgrade the cluster on a tested and more comfortable schedule:

  • The DP is now able to connect to a CP that is at most two minor versions ahead. 
  • The DP is not allowed to connect if 1) a major version mismatch exists, 2) the DP is newer than the CP, or 3) there are plugins missing  from the CP. This guard is set to prevent backwards-incompatible breaking changes for admins. 

And Much More!

  • For Kong Gateway (OSS) 2.4, the required OpenResty version has been bumped to, and the set of patches included has changed, including the latest release of lua-kong-nginx-module. If you are installing Kong from one of our distribution packages, you are not affected by this change.
  • The beta release of Protobuf plugin communication protocol can be used in place of MessagePack to communicate with non-Lua plugins. Developers will see an increase in performance of Go plugins.
  • The Zipkin plugin now supports Jaeger style uber-trace-id and OT headers types as well as allows insertion of custom tags on the Zipkin request trace.
  • As a part of regular maintenance, OpenSSL library was bumped to 1.1.1k and we now support Postgres 13 with a minimum of TLS version of v1.2

A full list of changes and related PRs are in the CHANGELOG here.

Reminder: ⚠️ Upgrade to version 2.4, and ensure you have the latest Kong Gateway (OSS) performance and security improvements.  


We ❤️  pull requests, and we’re continually working hard to make it as easy as possible for developers to contribute.  A special thank you to: @nvx, @pariviere @ishg, @Asafb26, @WALL-E and @jeremyjpj0916 – we value the time you took to put together contributions.


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