Kong makes mobile development work

Kong provides the tools and expertise you need to ensure your mobile initiatives succeed.

Elevate mobile app experiences

With the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices, businesses are now embracing mobile-first strategies. Kong is empowering organizations to deliver secure, performant, and innovative mobile experiences around the world.

Learn how SeatGeek uses Kong to manage API sprawl for its mobile-focused ticket platform.

Kong enables innovative mobile app development

Ship mobile apps faster

Tap into a new level of performance with Kong’s superior lightweight platform. Accelerate time to market for your mobile applications by automating workflows and reducing manual development tasks.

Scale without compromise

Seamlessly scale to accommodate traffic spikes during periods of high demand. Prevent downtime and ensure a consistent mobile app experience with Kong’s load balancing and regular health checks.

Secure mobile apps

Leverage Kong’s robust plugin ecosystem to ensure mobile apps communicate securely with backend services. Use logging and monitoring to help identify suspicious activity around mobile API access.

Deliver better, faster, and more secure mobile applications with Kong

Enhance mobile app reliability

Leverage Kong’s advanced traffic orchestration for mobile app management. Optimize response times and reduce backend server load for frequently requested data with Kong's built-in caching. Mobile API traffic is not uniform — for capacity planning, ensure fair usage by leveraging Kong’s rate limiting and throttling to control the rate at which mobile API requests are made.

Learn how Université de Lausanne leverages Kong to make it easier to manage distributed applications that have dependencies on a wide range of APIs.

Streamline operations with end-to-end mobile app management

Kong offers a comprehensive API solution that streamlines the end-to-end management of APIs for mobile apps. With extensive capabilities for CI/CD automation, mobile app developers can automate API updates and deployments, and ensure that changes are rolled out efficiently. Additionally, Kong’s Developer Portal and other self-serve tools reduce redundant tasks, simplify onboarding, and help developers to efficiently manage mobile applications at scale.

Learn how First Abu Dhabi Bank streamlined operations and accelerated time to market for its mobile banking app by 2x.

Strengthen mobile app security with centralized access

With Kong, customers can protect their mobile applications and APIs through a federated IdP. Centralized identity management simplifies mobile API security best practices across all systems, allowing developers to focus on application design and removing the need to manage users or groups separately. Kong's support for authorization and authentication methods like ACL, JWT, and OAuth 2.0 (including PKCE) ensures that users will have secure API access for mobile apps.

Learn how GCash established a centralized hub for monitoring and governing their APIs with Kong.

Gartner names Kong a Leader

For the fourth consecutive year, Kong was named a Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Leader for API Management

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