By on January 2, 2019

Microservices and Service Mesh

Microservices and Service Mesh – East/West Traffic Control

The service mesh deployment architecture is quickly gaining popularity in the industry. In the strategy, remote procedure calls (RPCs) from one service to another inside of your infrastructure pass through two proxies, one co-located with the originating service, and one at the destination. The local proxy is able to perform a load-balancing role and make decisions about which remote service instance to communicate with, while the remote proxy is able to vet incoming traffic. This east/west traffic control between microservices is in contrast to a more traditional “bus” architecture. But what else can a service mesh be used for? And how will the definition evolve as the industry gains experience with service mesh deployments? Hear James Callahan, Kong solution architect, discuss the requirements that networking infrastructure should meet to qualify as a service mesh, possible alternative architectures for service meshes, environments where service meshes should operate, and future projects and tools in the service mesh space.


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