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Digicel Transforms Telecommunications with Kong


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Digicel Case Study

Founded in Jamaica in 2001 with a mission to deliver the best network, services and value to customers, Digicel has grown to provide telecommunication and home entertainment in over 30 markets across the Caribbean, Latin America and Oceania regions. Digicel became a mobile subscriber market leader within two years of launching in 2001, and today its mobile phone network serves over 13 million wireless customers. Building critical infrastructure and connectivity to the communities served, Digicel has invested over $5 billion in the Digicel business worldwide.

In order to remain competitive and meet rising customer demands for fully digital services, Digicel embarked on an effort to launch a fully digital mobile network for its French West Indies region. As a result, Christophe Demoire, software engineering manager for Digicel French West Indies, was tasked with planning and executing a strategy to adopt microservices architecture to support this transformation.


Digicel French West Indies successfully launched a fully digital mobile service, using Kong as an API gateway. This initial launch’s success gave the team the confidence to subsequently put Kong at the center of broader digital transformation efforts.



  • Digital transformation to adopt a microservices architecture


  • Kong Enterprise as API gateway, including authentication, logging, metrics and correlation plugins


  • Faster time to market
  • Improved view of services

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