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Papa John’s Accelerates Time to Market 3X with Kong

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Papa John’s was founded more than 35 years ago and has grown to more than 5,300 locations in 49 countries and territories across the world. Guided by a strategic priority to build a technology infrastructure that enables the company’s business operations, and the company’s core value of innovating to win, Papa John’s continues to differentiate itself from competitors by innovating with new products and menu offerings that delight customers.


  • Partner-specific custom development was a bottleneck for the Commerce Platform Team to rapidly launch new digital services
  • Opportunity cost of direct revenue lost due to delayed feature launches to digital channels and third-party delivery platforms/aggregators


  • Kong Enterprise as service connectivity platform, including developer portal and integrations to CI/CD pipeline
  • Hybrid environment combining on-premise and GCP, with Kong Ingress Controller for Kubernetes ingress


  • Commerce Platform Team is at the center of the technology strategy for tapping into innovation wherever it resides, with integrations to various store, digital, and partner channels
  • Accelerated time to market for new services by 3X
  • Over 70% of sales from digital channels, and the strongest month of overall sales and new customer growth in the company’s 35 year history

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