End-to-end connectivity platform for cloud-native applications

Kong Konnect

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Konnect provides managed platform connectivity functionality through a hosted control plane with real-time analytics, API Portals, simplified service discovery and more, while providing the flexibility of running high performance connectivity runtimes on any cloud provider or your own data centers.

Design, deploy and optimize APIs with collaborative tools and granular analytics

Build a global service catalog to simplify discovery, re-use, and governance of enterprise services

Provision and manage high performance runtimes in the environment of your choice

Kong powers reliable connections for the largest global brands

Konnect Services

Konnect was built with end-users in mind to streamline the unique workflows of every developer, architect, and operator.

Konnect Services


Runtime Manager

Spin up and manage Kong Gateway, the world's most popular API gateway, across hybrid and multi-cloud, Kubernetes, and self-hosted infrastructures with simplified and automated day-2 automation.

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Build a comprehensive catalog of heterogeneous services - enable service consumability and end-to-end lifecycle management.

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Get a central view of all services and runtimes with real-time analytics, and integrate with your existing monitoring solution.

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Developer Portal

Provide APIs as a product to external teams to consume through a customized portal that leverages your existing CRM or repos as the source of truth.

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Insomnia Integration

Quickly adopt a spec-driven development to create, test and deploy APIs using GitOps and team-based collaboration.

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