Kong Konnect on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Kong Konnect and AWS streamline your microservices transformation by reducing  operational complexity, enabling federated governance, and ensuring robust security across any environment.

Supercharge API management with Kong Konnect on AWS

Kong Konnect is the unified API management platform to optimize any environment — perfect for today’s AWS architecture and for tomorrow’s hybrid environments. With Kong and AWS, you’ll be equipped with the most flexible and secure solution to accelerate your modernization journey. With various deployment options, 20+ native integrations, 54 AWS controls to run workloads, and scalable infrastructure you can rely on, Kong on AWS supercharges developer productivity, lowers costs, spurs innovation, and reduces your time to market. 

Deploy Kong Gateway the way you want

Use AWS CloudFormation, AWS CDK, Terraform, Pulumi, or AWS CLI to deploy Kong Gateway on AWS.

Reduce procurement friction

Easily procurable through the AWS Marketplace. Draw down your committed spend and accelerate your time to procurement directly with your AWS account.

Deliver APIs at scale

With Kong running on AWS, achieve 80K IOPS/instances delivered at scale globally with 80 availability zones across 25 regions.

Optimize performance and lower costs

Achieve 40% price-performance improvement by running Kong Gateway and APIs on AWS Graviton-based instances with sub milliseconds latency.

Native support for AWS services

Kong Konnect provides customers with unprecedented architectural freedom in the AWS cloud. 
Run Konnect on a multitude of AWS services including:

Using Kong on AWS accelerates modernization journeys

Learn how Flowcode scaled their infrastructure and doubled their API customer base with Kong and AWS.

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“Using Kong for 360° API management and AWS EKS for Kubernetes in the cloud, we've boosted performance, availability, and cut deployment time. Our shift to a cloud-native, API-first model fosters a product-driven strategy ...

Claudio Spadaccini
Head of Integration
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Increased time to market

Learn how Cargill used Kong to modernize their architecture and achieve 65x faster deployment with automated AWS validations to power better digital experiences for their clients.

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Faster deployment with automated AWS validations

Learn how Kong and AWS helped PEXA take proactive steps to enable their teams to innovate faster and create a modern API-first infrastructure.

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