API Analytics

Quickly access key statistics, monitor vital signs, and spot patterns in real time to see how your APIs and gateways are performing.

Get real-time, centralized visibility

Analyze key stats, monitor vital signs, and pinpoint anomalies across your entire API landscape.

Track golden API signals

Monitor critical metrics including error rate, throughput, and latency for each service and route.

Customize reports for tailored insights

Generate custom reports for a Service, Route, Control Plane, or Application.

Democratize data insights

Export historical reports to your preferred tool for any individual service, service version, or route.

Administer fine-grained access control

Empower teams with granular access to real-time API Analytics for better control and efficiency.

Integrate easily with leading tools

Integrate with tools like Datadog, Prometheus, Splunk, and more effortlessly.

Feature overview

Get real-time insights at any scale. Unlock the full potential of your APIs with Kong Konnect’s Analytics.

API Usage

Track API usage by application

Track service consumption and identify usage spikes with monthly request metrics. Use the data to optimize your services and improve overall performance.

API Performance

Unlock API performance insights

Use Analytics data to assess API performance risks, spot any performance outliers, prevent downtime, optimize resources, and drive data-powered decisions.

API Reliability

Minimize service disruptions

Track and analyze error codes, and identify recurring issues. Optimize APIs and infrastructure for better performance, and reduce the risk of revenue loss due to service disruptions.

API Requests

Inspect and filter API Requests

Unlock the power of detailed API request logs for unparalleled insights into user behavior, seamless troubleshooting, and data-driven decision-making. 

How it works

Track trends and patterns for any service, route, or application managed in Kong Konnect. Make data-driven decisions with our API analytics dashboard.

Improve API performance

Track the performance and behavior of your APIs and data planes to align with customers' usage patterns and deliver an enhanced user experience.

Unlock unique insights

Empower teams to easily create custom reports focused on specific metrics and KPIs to address unique business needs.

Increase uptime

Reduce time to resolution by pinpointing anomalies in milliseconds. Proactively diagnose and resolve issues to ensure service availability. 

Customer stories

We selected Kong Konnect to power our new API landscape as it was a good fit for the existing ecosystem and also leveraged a lot of our existing team knowledge on top of all the other features it delivers. 

João Mikos
Director of Engineering - Developer Acceleration
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Requests per month forecasted

We are proud to have made the choice of an innovative and simple API management tool, without the added complexity of iPaaS functionality . . . Kong Konnect now is at the heart of any new solution of Brittany Ferries.

Eric Bustarret
Head of Architecture
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[Kong Analytics] elevates the overall monitoring and visibility of our microservices environment, which helps us optimize for costs [and provides] further insights around our API usage.

João G. Lisanti
Head of Site Reliability Engineering
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