Mesh Manager

Simplify Kong Mesh deployments across hybrid, multi-cloud, virtual machine, and Kubernetes environments. Get single-pane management, a 99.9% SLA, and seamless day-2 operations.

Unified management

Manage all Kong Mesh data planes with a single console. A SaaS delivered control plane means no messy database management for configuration data.

Effortless upgrades

Run a command line or Helm upgrade your zone control plane. Determine when to perform a rolling deployment of your application — the easiest and safest way to upgrade.

Policy configuration

View policy settings and configurations for any managed Kong Mesh install directly from a single pane of glass.

Feature overview

Manage all Kong Mesh data planes across any zone in a single control plane.


Centrally managed control planes

In a single interface, manage any Kong Mesh installation across any platform. Configure policies, roles, and more tailored to each environment.


Built-in configuration panel

Search and export configurations between zones to rapidly deploy and configure new zones, cutting down the time it takes to start a new project.


Self-contained RBAC

Remove the dependency on Kubernetes based RBAC configurations to gain full control regardless of the deployment model for your applications.

How it works

Leverage the intuitive layout and simplicity of Mesh Manager for installing Kong Mesh across multiple regions for resiliency and reliability.

Faster time to market

Onboard new or existing Kong Mesh data planes with a simple intuitive workflow lowering the barriers to application deployment.

A single pane of glass

Provide Kong Konnect users with a single console for easier management and better visibility into service meshes.

Improve governance

Organize your Kong Mesh data planes into teams, services, and zones. Limit access to authorized personnel with integrated role-based access controls (RBAC).

Customer stories

[With Kong] we created a scalable, highly reliable platform for our web applications that has a security-first mindset.

Nathaniel Reynolds
Associate Director of Informatics Architecture & DevOps
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Kong Mesh is a critical aspect of our architecture, for both zero-trust security and observability and monitoring.

Charles Boicey
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