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Streamlined SaaS API platform for multi-cloud environments

Take the complexity out of API management, and build modern applications better, faster, and more securely. Kong Konnect empowers organizations to efficiently publish, consume, secure, analyze, and manage APIs and services across modern and legacy applications on any cloud, platform, protocol, or architecture.

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Powering reliable API connections for the largest brands
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Why Kong Konnect?

The number of APIs are exploding. Don’t let it blow up your applications.

Kong Konnect is an end-to-end SaaS API lifecycle management platform that is designed for the cloud native era and provides the easiest way to get started with Kong Gateway. The global control plane is hosted in the cloud by Kong, while the runtime engine — Kong Gateway, the fastest and most adopted API gateway — runs within your preferred network environment.

The result? A performant combo that ensures services are connected reliably, securely, and efficiently at scale across on-premises, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud environments.

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Efficient API management

The hosted control plane lets our expert team manage the operational overhead, so you can focus on shipping apps faster.

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Performant at the core

Lightweight and extensible, Kong Gateway is 446x faster than other API management offerings with 31x higher throughput.

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Secure by design

Automate processes and apply consistent fine-grained access controls and security policies to all APIs and services at scale.

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Simplify multi-cloud API management

Accelerate your journey to microservices. Command greater control.
  • Provide APIs as a product to internal and external teams to locate, access, and consume through the customizable Developer Portal.
  • Instantly apply authentication, API security, and traffic control policies consistently across all your services using powerful enterprise and community plugins. Or build your own custom plugins.
  • Gain real-time visibility into all your services. Monitor business metrics such as error rate and latency for each service and route to gain deep insights into your API products. 
  • Get best-in-class support and customer success guidance for organizations of any size.
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Do More with Less. API Management the Smart Way

Eliminate legacy solutions, built for the slow and cumbersome centralized API operating model, by moving to Konnect, designed for the federated operating model - without sacrificing compliance and security.
  • Ensure API consistency, standardization, and compliance through automation.
  • Enable developers to deliver business value by giving them the flexibility to deploy gateways in the environment of their choice.
  • Empower service teams to manage their own data planes by organizing them into logical, fine grained groups.
  • Hands-off onboarding of new internal teams onto the platform.
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Kong Enterprise Plugins

Deliver a global service catalog

Boost developer productivity by making APIs discoverable, consumable, and reusable to internal and external teams using cloud Service Hub and developer portal.
  • Increase velocity and efficiency by providing a one-stop shop for internal developers to access, monitor, and manage all services in your organization using Service Hub.
  • Support multiple versions of your services and publish them directly from Service Hub to the developer portal, where external developers can easily search, discover, and consume the services.
  • Customize the appearance of the developer portal to match your own unique branding.
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Streamline API security, compliance, and user management

Easily apply API security best practices and meet compliance mandates with customizable controls and plugins.
  • Deploy Konnect runtime, Kong Gateway, next to your APIs across hybrid and multi-cloud environments to meet your performance and compliance needs.
  • Ensure compliance with data residency and regulatory requirements with Kong Konnect's multi-geo support for the control plane, available in both the EU and US.
  • Increase security with Secrets Management and out-of-the-box enterprise and community plugins, including OpenID Connect, Open Policy Agent, mutual TLS, and more.
  • Group users into custom or pre-defined teams to centrally define common access permissions and configure fine-grained access control for each Konnect resource.
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Kong Enterprise Plugins

Lower total cost of ownership

Opt for the fastest and most affordable route to managing APIs and microservices at scale.
  • Cut complexity and costs while reducing operational risks. Offload the overhead of operating the control plane and maintaining a database.
  • Start today, scale as you grow. Kong Konnect provides tiered pricing, so organizations big and small can scale operations per business needs.
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Ready to get started?

With the Kong Konnect end-to-end API management platform you can create stellar digital experiences. Accelerate your journey to microservices, secure and govern APIs and services, and boost developer productivity.

Kong Konnect under the hood

Runtime Manager

Deploy and manage Kong Gateway across hybrid and multi-cloud, Kubernetes and self-hosted infrastructures with simplified and automated day-2 operations.

Developer Portal

Easily onboard new developers, generate API documentation, create custom pages, and secure developer access.

Service Hub

Instantly implement policies built for global scale to enable authentication, security, rate-limiting, and more.

Kong API Analytics

Quickly access key statistics, monitor vital signs, and pinpoint anomalies in real time to see exactly how your APIs and gateway are performing.


Built on top of a lightweight proxy, the Kong Gateway delivers unparalleled latency performance and scalability for all applications regardless of where they run. Natively manage your APIs and gateway in Kubernetes using Kong Ingress Controller.

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Kong Enterprise Product Layers Diagram - Analytics Layer
Kong Enterprise Product Layers Diagram - Portal Layer
Kong Enterprise Product Layers Diagram - Plugins Layer
Kong Enterprise Product Layers Diagram - Runtime Layer

How to Scale High-Performance APIs and Microservices

Learn how to make your API strategy a competitive advantage.

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