One API management platform
to manage them all

Manage API gateways, AI gateways, ingress, and service meshes securely from one place.

A unified API platform — now available as a fully managed service

Reduce operational overhead

A fully managed or hybrid API platform, wherever you wish to manage your APIs, we are there to support them.

Speed up time to market

Make APIs discoverable, consumable, and reusable. And tap into the power of the world’s fastest API gateway.

Automate robust security

Implement zero-trust security and develop operational insight into security related events and usage patterns.

Why Kong Konnect?

Grow faster and more securely with Kong’s unified API management platform.

Unified API Management

Reduce complexity with a single pane of glass

  • Use a centralized control plane to deploy and manage multiple gateways across service meshes, ingress, cloud, and Kubernetes providers.
  • Maintain control over data planes in the network environment of your choice.
Kong Gateway

Start fast with the most adopted API gateway

  • Powered by Kong’s blazing fast, lightweight, and flexible API gateway deployed in fully managed or hybrid modes.
  • Optimize performance, traffic management, observability, and security to address your business needs.
Control Planes

Make federated governance a reality

  • Foster a Decentralized, template-based approach without sacrificing security.
  • Achieve API consistency and compliance through automation and collaboration to onboard teams faster.
API Products

Accelerate consumption of your APIs

  • Package API services into products for easier consumption.
  • Manage API products, versions, and documentation — all through a single dashboard.
Developer Portal

Seamlessly onboard developers

  • Browse, search, and consume APIs, and deliver a customized portal for application registration.
  • Reference documentation, test endpoints, and register to create applications using specific APIs.

Get performance with security and compliance

  • Incorporate robust authentication, security, and traffic control policies using an extensive plugin ecosystem or build your own custom plugins.
  • Group users to define access, and configure fine-grained control for each resource.
  • Get multi-geo support for the control plane in the EU, US, and APAC.
Kong Ingress Controller

Manage gateways in Kubernetes

  • Get a single-pane-of-glass view and control over API gateways deployed as Kubernetes Ingress.
  • Easily publish and register K8s services to boost developer productivity.
API Insights

Make smart moves with API Insights

  • Optimize gateway performance in real time.
  • Analyze performance of any service, route, or application managed by Kong Konnect and reduce time to resolution.

Elevate the developer experience

Move faster without losing control. Kong Konnect frees developers to be more agile with tools they love — paired with the built-in security and compliance businesses need.

Customers on Kong Konnect

I would strongly recommend Konnect to anyone wishing to deploy a streamlined, secure API management tool quickly and easily.

Eric Bustarret
Head of Architecture
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3 months

To full in-production


With Kong, we were able to deliver [an application] in three months instead of seven. We also now save four months of total custom development time.

Jayakumar Ganesan
Head of Services — Digital Platforms
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Reduction in

operational costs

Kong delivers lightweight runtimes, which supports our distributed, autonomous operating model.

Frank van Valkenburg
Business Architect Integration

Requests per week

We had so many dependencies on stakeholders who did manual checks around security and observability. The only 
way to speed up delivery was to automate with Kong.

Romain Genoulaz
IT Manager, Digital API Factory Lead
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Increased deployments

per month


Flexible plans to fit your needs


Federated API management at scale

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Enterprise-grade security, scalability and observability

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