Manage Kong Enterprise Faster Through the Kong Manager

Unleash Kong Enterprise by using the powerful Kong Manager to help your team execute actions directly into your Kong Enterprise cluster from a browser.

Simplify the management of APIs, consumers, plugins, certificates, upstream and downstream objects through a graphical user interface. Kong Manager uses the same RESTful Kong Admin API commands that you'd issue from a command line.

One Click Operations

Every action can be triggered from a nicely designed dashboard for the best DevOps experience.

Manage Kong Enterprise Cluster

Visualize and monitor cluster-wide health from beautifully designed single pane of glass.

Visually Build Commands

Execute important operations quickly, such as adding a consumer or deleting an API, via a secure graphical user interface.

Activate and Deactivate Plugins

Add, enable and disable plugins for your APIs and consumers without spending time in configuring them.

Talk with Our API Experts

… about how Kong Enterprise Edition improves security and scalability for your API use cases.

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