How to Secure & Connect Distributed Apps with Service Mesh

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monolith To Microservices background
Use Cases

Streamline The Move From Monolith To Microservices

Optimize API performance, observability, and security across any platform to accelerate decoupling your monoliths and scaling your microservices

    monolith To Microservices background

    Eliminate Downtime, Reduce Cost

    Eliminate Downtime Diagram

    Instantly reduce latency and increase throughput across all your APIs and microservices with Kong’s ultra-performant lightweight core.

    Maximize Dev Efficiency

    Maximize Dev Efficiency Diagram

    Remove redundant tasks and minimize maintenance with Kong’s out-of-the box plugins for security, observability, and traffic control capabilities across every environment.

    Accelerate Time to Market

    Eliminate component dependencies and easily integrate into CI/CD pipelines to automate processes and elimi use canary deployments to rapidly test and iterate on APIs.

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    Deliver Unparalleled Performance

    Achieve industry leading performance and scalability with Kong’s lightweight proxies. Seamlessly scale up or down to meet demand by simply adding or removing Kong nodes.

    • Near-zero latency
    • 25k+ TPS per node
    • Horizontal and vertical auto-scaling
    • Advanced caching and rate-limiting

    Unparalleled Performance Diagram

    Architectural Freedom Diagram

    Achieve Architectural Freedom

    Let developers choose the best technology to build a service by providing the ability to connect their APIs across any cloud, orchestrator, platform or protocol.

    • 100% container- and Kubernetes-native
    • Local runtimes for multi-cloud and hybrid
    • Support for gRPC, Kafka, and GraphQL
    • Support for legacy workloads and environments

    Unlock APIOps-driven Automation

    Reduce friction in your development process by enabling self-service reviews and automated deployments.

    • Support for all major CI/CD pipelines
    • Native support for Git workflows
    • Declarative configuration of the Kong Gateway and Kubernetes Ingress Controller
    • Automatic generation of API gateway and Kubernetes Ingress configurations

    APOips automation

    Questions about breaking your monolith down into smaller parts?

    Contact us today and tell us more about your configuration and we can offer details about features, support, plans and consulting.