Decentralize Applications and Services

Accelerate your journey to microservices

Is Your Organization Ready for Distributed Architectures?

According to the Digital Innovation Benchmark 2020 84% of enterprise organizations have embraced microservice-based applications. The number of APIs is rapidly increasing but traditional API management cannot keep up with the requirements of a more dynamic and complex world. As a result, your ability to innovate and compete is stifled.

Slower Time to Market

Developers lose productivity writing redundant code for traffic and security policies into a rapidly increasing number of microservices.

Inhibited Shift to Decentralization

Legacy API Gateways were not designed to connect microservices within and across clouds, across protocols, and with sufficient performance and scalability.

Configuration Inconsistencies

Legacy API gateways cannot be managed through Kubernetes, causing the risk of configuration inconsistencies and service disruptions.


Kong’s Service Control Platform enables you to break down monoliths into services or build new applications with distributed architectures to accelerate your journey to decentralization.

Support Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Kong provides a flexible platform that supports any design pattern from monoliths, to services, microservices, service meshes or any emerging pattern.

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Create a Single Source of Truth in Kubernetes

Manage containers as well as the full lifecycle of your APIs through a Kubernetes native interface that enables consistent operations across clouds and infrastructures.

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Become Technology Agnostic

Let developers choose the best technology to build a service by providing the ability to connect their APIs across any cloud, orchestrator, platform or protocol.

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Accelerate Your Services

Achieve industry leading performance and scalability with Kong’s lightweight proxies. Seamlessly scale up or down to meet demand by simply adding or removing Kong nodes.

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Customer Results

GlaxoSmithKline relies on Kong Enterprise to power connections between microservices that are deployed decentrally across 150 countries

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