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API Crafters Meetup!

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Last week, we organized our first API Crafters Meetup since the move to our new office, and it was awesome to see so many people interested in APIs showing up.

Lots of stories were shared during the networking session, and it was heartwarming to hear different war stories and implementations from various perspectives.

The first speaker was Tyler from Klout. He explained in detail how Klout consumes other APIs to generate data to power their own API, which in turn generates a never-ending loop of data being exchanged between platforms.

The second speaker, Adeel from APImatic talked about generating SDKs for rapid API consumption. With a single click, you can generate up-to-date SDKs for your API, doesn’t that sound awesome?  The third talk took us through an introduction of what Bitcasa does and how they leverage an API as a product to sell their service to their clients. Towards the end of the evening, we had a few demos by young entrepreneurs and hackathon participants who enjoy hacking with APIs and building interesting products. Here’s a picture of Isaac and his hack – he consumed the ProductHunt API to find out where most users are geographically, then took the data and mashed it on a map to produce a beautiful interactive tool that shows exactly which part of the city each builder is from.

Another hacker, used the @aerospikedb to store EEG pulses directly from a headset placed on his head. Mindblowing… no pun intended!

For the attendees, we hope you enjoyed the meetup! If you missed out on this session, don’t forget to join our Mashape Developer Community Meetup Group to stay updated on future events!

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