By on October 2, 2013

#DataWeek API Strategy session @ Fort Mason

Fort MasonThis morning I did a session on API Strategy – A Developer Perspective at DataWeek.  I derived the contents mostly from Daniel Jacobson’s “APIs: A Strategy Guide”  (I gave it a bit of a twist by focusing on the developer’s perspective of the API value chain).

It’s interesting to note that the term “API Strategy” is being discussed on the web, started by none other Daniel himself, when he declared that businesses should be looking at APIs as a ‘tactic’, instead of a strategy.  You can check out his post here.

Why you probably don't need an API Strategy


The discussion reeled me in and got me thinking about the API opportunity in general.  The fact that this healthy debate is happening only implies the dynamic nature of APIs.  We have yet to have a complete picture of how businesses can fully benefit from APIs, and how APIs can transform businesses.

Here at Mashape we strive to keep in touch with the API and developer community, gathering feedback that could serve as a lead indicator to the direction of APIs.  Our goal is to take this feedback and help transform the community by providing the best service to discover, consume, and distribute and monetize APIs.

– Chris