By on June 18, 2020

Drive API Adoption, Usage and Retention with Moesif Plugin for Kong

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Through a new partnership with Kong featuring native integration with Moesif, API providers will now have an enhanced Kong experience—enabling API teams to monitor their APIs and stay informed of issues and behaviors impacting their customers. With user behavior analytics, Kong customers can now track the entire customer journey with Moesif from initial sign up to the first API call and empower engineering and business teams with the product insights needed to experiment and take action.

Through a simple Moesif plugin (link), it’s now possible to automatically log and monitor API traffic from Kong into the Moesif analytics suite. With the plugin, you can track API adoption and usage across the entire platform and understand the inputs that impact each stage. You can deliver a better product strategy with a compelling growth story, whilst reducing customer churn. By merging customer demographics with API usage data, you can answer enigmatic questions, such as “how do changes in pricing and packaging modify conversion rates from active developer to converted paying customer?”

We’re excited to be partnering with Kong and know our relationship will provide developers with an additional layer of data and better API management. Try the plugin today and experience the best of Kong and Moesif.

Click here for more information on Moesif and to get started with a free account.

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