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Gluecon 2013 – Mashape demos and links on Machine Learning

Mashape demo at Gluecon

Mashape demo at Gluecon

Last week at Gluecon 2013, we had the opportunity to show some cool demos that demonstrate the breadth and sophistication of APIs you can discover and use in Mashape.  We focused on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Sentiment Analysis APIs.

Below are links to demos shown during the presentation, as well as links to relevant news and references that point out to the growing popularity and importance of machine learning in the API realm.


Demos and APIs

  1. World chat with local translation (using Mashape + Firebase) –
  2. Twilio phone translator – Send SMS to (415) 992-9984 “Where can I find a good bargain IT” (IT stands for Italian)
  3. Language detection –
  4. Language translation –
  5. Text to voice API with localized voice –!documentation
  6. List of 50+ Machine Learning APIs
  7. Demo of summary logic turned into an API –!endpoint-Summarize
  8. Other summarization APIs in Mashape –
  9. Tutorial and demo of face recognition in Javascript –
  10. Demo of face mash API –!documentation
  11. Detect profanity words with this API –!documentation
  12. Sentiment Analysis –!endpoint-TweetSentiments-by-search-query,
  13. Recommender system –!documentation
  14. Word-sense disambiguation –!documentation
  15. Captcha bypass and captcha generator API –
  16. Synonyms API using Wikipedia –!
  17. Stemming and Lemmatization –!documentation
  18. Face detection and recognition –!documentation

News and References

  1. Yahoo acquires Summly for $30M –
  2. Google acquires Wavii for $30M –
  3. How to Build your own Summary Tool –
  4. How to turn your research/algorithm into an API – Web-enable your Research/Project with an API
  5. Repository of open source machine learning algorithms that can be turned into APIs –
  6. How Web APIs and Data-Centric Tools Power the Materials Project –

Slides –