By on January 19, 2016

Happy New Year from Mashape!

It’s the the most wonderful time of the year! In 2015 Mashape launched several products and open source projects, plus we’ve acquired Gelato from an incredible team. To bring in the the New Year we’d like to share with you all the new developments.



Open-Source API Management Layer

In just 8 months and 500,000 downloads Kong became the most adopted API proxy and #1 starred API tool on Github. Based on NGINX and with over 20 plugins, Kong can replace any legacy solution for free.






API Analytics Platform

Thousands of API engineers & DevOps joined Galileo to visualize and inspect API traffic and bottlenecks in their microservice architecture. Available both cloud or on-premises.





API Marketplace

Consume, Distribute & Sell APIs

The Marketplace, Mashape’s first product, became the largest API community with +200K developers. Thousands of partner and public APIs are sold through the API hub every month





Sweet Dev Portal As a Service

Now part of the Mashape family, Gelato has become an integral component of our API management suite for both startups and Fortune500.  We think the name is pretty cool too 😉






Test & Mock Custom Endpoints

With the open-source Mockbin you can easily generate custom endpoints to track HTTP requests & responses between libraries, sockets and APIs. Run it everywhere.




APIEmbed + HTTPsnippets

Embeddable Code snippets

Another open-source tool from Mashape to auto-generate snippets in many programming languages for your website, blog, or API documentation.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We hope to bring even more surprises in the year ahead.


   Last, but not least…




Have A Happy 2016,
Mashape Team