By on December 8, 2014

Kairos Face Detection & Recognition API now available on Mashape

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Kairos, a SaaS-based startup in Miami, FL, has now made its advanced 2D to 3D facial detection and recognition API available on Mashape. The Kairos API takes the complexity out of face recognition so you can focus on building great products. Kairos brings you commercial grade face recognition without hassle; no talking to a shark salesperson in a $1,000 suit, or length contracts!

Do check out the guest post below by them, and don’t forget to consume their API on Mashape! 🙂

What is face recognition?

At Kairos, we get a lot of questions from people about how facial recognition works. The simple answer is that we take a photo of a person and make a call to the API to scan it for specific features that look like typical faces.

Once we find the face in the picture, we start to look for and measure various feature points on the face. Some of these points could be the position of the eyes, or the tip of the nose, location of the ears, and more. In all, we look for up to 85 points on each face.

We then use a sophisticated algorithm to turn that face into a 3D model, rotate it back to center and create a set of numbers we call a face template. After that template is created, your photo is discarded since we have no further need for it.

What can I use the face detection & recognition API for?

Our users are using Kairos’ API for all kinds of fun and interesting projects, such as: helping employees clock-in to work, identifying patients waiting to see their doctors, and verifying the identity of the person on the other end of their online dating profile.

Kairos’ API can solve a wide range of problems. Every day, we are hearing of new and innovative uses that our customers are dreaming up.

How to get started?

Getting started with Kairos is easy. Firstly, sign up for an API key on our website.

After that, you can use the example code in the Mashape documentation available in a wide number of languages, including Java, Node, PHP, Python and more. Kairos also offers a pre-built SDK for iOS that will handle all of your image capture needs and communicate directly with our API. Our iOS SDK leverages all of our experience capturing images that are perfect for recognizing. (Android is coming soon!)

If all you need is to find faces, our detect method is perfect. The endpoint will tell you all the faces found within a photo you uploaded, as well as the coordinates of the facial features found, such as the eyes, mouth, and nose.

If you want to find face matches, then use our enroll method. You can take one or more photos and enroll them into a gallery before using the recognize method to match another faces against the faces you have already enrolled into your gallery.

Finally, if you want to manage the galleries you have created, we also have endpoints available for that.

Yeah, but what does it cost?

Kairos’ API uses a freemium model. You can submit up to 5,000 calls per month for no charge. Perfect to test out your app or site. If you need more calls, we offer a wide range of plans to suit and can even customize for your specific needs.

For more information, check out our API documentation on Mashape here and start recognizing today!