By on May 29, 2019

Kong Enterprise 0.35 Released – Featuring Integration with HashiCorp Vault!

Today we’re thrilled to announce general availability for Kong Enterprise 0.35. This release of Kong Enterprise contains numerous new features, including a new integration with HashiCorp Vault, huge usability improvements in Kong Manager and the Kong Dev Portal, and a host of updates to some of our most popular Kong Enterprise tools.

Read on to take a deeper look at a few of the most notable updates included in this release. We’ll detail how these features can help you get started with your Kong Enterprise journey or take your existing deployment to the next level. Be sure to sign up for the webinar reviewing all of Kong Enterprise’s features, and check out the changelog for the full release details.

What’s New?

New Vault Plugin!

We created a plugin enabling Kong Enterprise users to leverage HashiCorp Vault for authentication and secrets management. The Vault plugin will allow KE customers to add authentication to a Service or Route with an access token and secret token, with credential tokens being stored securely via Vault. Credential lifecycles can be managed through the Kong Admin API, or independently via Vault. For information on how to get started, check out our step-by-step guide!

Kong Manager

Our engineering teams have made dramatic improvements to the Kong Manager UI to provide a more dynamic management experience. With 0.35, Kong Manager provides streamlined operations and simpler navigation to improve your Kong Enterprise experience, including:

  • Easily enable, disable and view plugins in the context of a route and a service

  • Predictive type-ahead service name/ID search on routes form

  • Contextual help and error messages on entity forms
  • Breadcrumbs to more easily tell where in the Kong Manager application you are, navigate/pivot to other pages
  • Global navigation links to docs and support portal
  • Improved Info tab for cluster & config info


Dev Portal

In 0.35 we’ve made key performance improvements to the Kong Dev Portal and enabled more streamlined customization to build on the tighter Kong Manager integration we debuted in 0.34.

Key updates include:

  • Live editor for improved customization of portal within Kong Manager
  • Server-side rendering and major performance improvement
  • Easily add custom fields on dev sign up form 

Major Plugin Updates

Kong Session Plugin

The new Kong Session Plugin provides session support for Kong Manager and the Dev Portal. Sessions can be stored via cookie or database. See the accompanying documentation for how to configure the plugin for use with Kong Manager.

StatsD Advanced

With the updated StatsD plugin, Kong Enterprise users can now add status code ranges for responses which want to be logged and sent to StatsD server. If the KE user doesn’t provide any status code, all responses will be logged.

Other Important Additions

Kong Manager

  • Easily scan/copy IDs in the service table.
  • In-context doc links now provided globally.


  • User information is no longer stored in local storage. A user exchanges credentials for a session.
  • Added “methods” to links in the sidebar on documentation in the default portal theme.
  • Ability to configure CORS header explicitly.


  • New RBAC user tokens are not stored in plaintext. If upgrading to this version, any existing tokens will remain in plaintext until either a) the token is used in an Admin API call or b) the rbac_user record is PATCHed.
  • Detailed debug tracing can be enabled which outputs information about various portions of the request lifecycle, such as DB or DNS queries, plugin execution, core handler timing, etc.


  • We have made a variety of updates and improvements to a host of our Enterprise plugins, including:
    • LDAP Auth Advanced
    • Response Transformer Advanced
    • Request Validator
    • Canary
    • OAuth2 Introspection
    • Forward Proxy


Be sure to try all the new features in Kong Enterprise 0.35, and let us know what you think on Kong Nation! For a full list of updates, fixes, and optimizations, check out the 0.35 changelog.