By on December 20, 2017

Kong CE 0.12.0rc1 now available for testing

Making the Kong CE 0.12.0rc1 release candidate available is a great way to finish an amazing year full of milestones:

  • 3 major releases: 0.10, 0.11 and now 0.12
  • Kong Nation, our new community forum
  • Several new developers added to the Kong team
  • The largest number of community contributions in a single year

We worked hard to put something under the tree for you in time for the holidays 🎄🎁, and starting now, you can now download Kong CE 0.12.0rc1.

It contains a preview of several new exciting features and major improvements we are eager for you to get your hands on:

  • Support for passive health checks: Kong can now short-circuit some of your remote instances from its load balancer when it encounters too many TCP or HTTP errors.
  • Support for active health checks: You can also configure periodic HTTP test requests to actively monitor the state of your remote instances and pre-emptively short-circuit them.
  • Support for hash based load balancing: Kong now offers consistent hashing/sticky sessions load balancing capabilities.
  • Logging plugins now log requests that were short-circuited by Kong (such as HTTP 401 responses from auth plugins, or HTTP 429 responses from rate-limiting plugins).

You can view the full Changelog for a detailed list of changes included in this release.

You can browse the documentation repository to view the (currently in progress) 0.12.0 documentation. We are hard at work bringing it up to date for those new features!

Consult the 0.12 Upgrade Path for a list of breaking changes and suggested migration steps.

As a release candidate, we discourage the use of 0.12.0rc1 in production environments, but we strongly encourage that you give it a test run, preview the new features, investigate their future integration in your environment, and give us any feedback you may have! Kong Nation is a great way to provide general feedback to us, and the GitHub issues are still the de facto place for bug reports.

Happy holidays to the Kong community!

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