By on November 15, 2019

Kong and codecentric AG Partner to Bring Kong Enterprise to Germany

Today, we’re announcing an exciting, new partnership with codecentric AG, a leading IT consultancy based in Germany. Through Kong’s growing Go-To-Market (GTM) Partner Program, Codecentric will help German companies accelerate their transition to microservices by adopting Kong Enterprise

At codecentric, API management is a very important pillar of IT integration. Digital transformation requires effective information exchange around the clock — both internally and beyond company walls. For business processes, models and IT architectures to be flexible, seamless and future-oriented, all of a company’s applications must be able to act as consumers and producers of services at any time. This requires an efficient API strategy to ensure security, consistency, scalability and maintainability.

Cloud native technologies and microservices play a crucial role in making this happen for organizations who want to expand their IT landscape during digital transformation while also simplifying the complexity of modern architectures. codentric and Kong will work together to make this an easy journey for German companies.

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