By on December 10, 2018

Kong Enterprise 0.34 Released!


Today we’re excited to announce one of our most feature-rich releases of Kong Enterprise to date – Kong Enterprise 0.34. We’ve made huge feature additions and updates to some of your favorite Kong Enterprise tools, as well as several minor fixes to improve your experience.

Below, we’ll dive into some of the biggest changes that we’ve made in this release. We’ll highlight why you should be excited to start your Kong Enterprise journey or upgrade your existing deployment. Be sure to check out the changelog for the full details. Happy Konging.


What’s New?

Kong Manager

Kong Enterprise now ships with Kong Manager, a vastly improved UI to manage your teams and services. With 0.34 Kong Manager now incorporates robust features to help you run at scale, including:

  • A new navigation system to streamline movement between workspaces, and across sections within a workspace
  • Enhanced Super admin controls to create workspaces, assign users, and grant permissions globally across all workspaces or at an individual level
  • Auto-configure Kong Enterprise via Swagger file
  • Enhanced Vitals now on by default, available per workspace as well as globally
  • Eagle-eye view for an at-a-glance look at service volume per workspace, as well as health data across cluster
  • Vitals also extensible to common 3rd party tools, including Prometheus, StatsD, and InfluxDB


Kong Manager now includes Workspaces, where you can organize your Kong Enterprise implementation for scale across teams. Key features include:

  • Simplify team management by creating default roles for each workspace, and custom roles as needed
  • Easily create new users, assign them to workspaces, and even brand with colors/images if needed
  • Organize your services, plugins, consumer management, and more according to your exact specification
  • Use Enhanced RBAC to restrict your teams’ access to see only see what they need to, and only what they should.
  • Appoint workspace-specific admins to maintain governance while avoiding becoming bottle-necked by a single administrator.


Dev Portal

The Kong Dev Portal is now more tightly integrated with Kong Manager, allowing you to create an individual Dev Portal for each Workspace and manage your developers through a single pane of glass. Key features include:

  • Easily create a Dev Portal for each one of your teams and control it via Workspace
  • Restrict which services are visible within specific dev portals through the Kong Manager Interface
  • Better organize your documentation into specific dev portals
  • Control differences in implementation of different dev portals (enable/disable, auth, etc) from within Kong Manager
  • Use global search to help your developers more easily find what they need across all your services, or within a specific dev portal



Other Important Additions

  • HTTPS support for Forward Proxy plugin
  • HTTPS support for health checks
  • Admin API Audit Log now available
  • Request Termination plugin improvements
  • Logging plugins log workspace info about requests
  • API Endpoint to allow auto-configuration of Routes/Services by OAPI spec


For full list of fixes and optimizations, see 0.34 changelog.