By on November 5, 2018

Kong Partners with Live Reply

We continue to expand our global reach through partners across the world. Most recently, we partnered with Live Reply, a premier system integrator partner in Germany, to further Kong’s awareness among leading European technology companies. A cyber security expert with offices in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich, Live Reply offers consulting, development, system integration expertise and solutions on behalf of leading companies in the Telco, Finance, Automotive and IoT sectors.

With more than 18,000 stars on Github and 45 million plus downloads, Kong is the most widely used open source API platform today. Kong Enterprise builds on our core open source offering to deliver a service control platform that brokers enterprises’ information between ever-proliferating microservices. Live Reply’s expertise in providing end-to-end secure API adoption for enterprise customers in mission-critical applications will help us expand our footprint across Germany.

Live Reply is the Reply Group specialist in digital services and solutions enabled by telco and media technologies. With European software distribution and strong localization service teams, Reply continues to grow as a key player in the international software industry. Through Live Reply, German customers can engage, learn and implement Kong Enterprise solutions from a top-tier, local partner.

We’re very excited to partner with Live Reply. Not only are our long-term goals closely aligned, but Live Reply is well-positioned to assist organizations as they move securely to microservices, serverless, and future architectures.

To learn more about Kong Enterprise in Germany, please contact Live Reply today!