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Kong Studio 1.0 Released!

Today, we’re thrilled to release Kong Studio 1.0, our spec-first design and development tool for APIs leveraging the power of Insomnia! In this release, you’ll find the ability to design specifications, sync with git, convert your spec into requests for debugging purposes and more.

Kong Studio represents a brand new product area for Kong — an integrated design and test environment for Kong Enterprise customers. We are excited to extend our service control platform to include pre-production use cases focused on improving the way that customers build and test their microservices and APIs. With Kong Studio, customers can easily adopt a modern, spec-driven approach to development while also automating many of the tedious aspects of maintaining API documentation in increasingly complex service environments. 

We built Kong Studio on top of the popular open source Insomnia API testing platform (now a part of the Kong family) to solve modern spec design and testing challenges. With its native integration to Kong Enterprise, Kong Studio 1.0 allows users to seamlessly edit, test and publish REST and GraphQL services directly into the Kong Developer Portal

Some of the benefits Kong Enterprise customers will see by adopting spec-driven development with Kong Studio include: 

  • Increased Developer Efficiency
  • Reduced Deployment Risk 
  • Improved Governance 

Kong Studio is available as a standalone add-on for Kong Enterprise customers. Please reach out to your account executive for more information about adding Kong Studio as part of your Kong Enterprise subscription.

Notable Features

OpenAPI Spec Editor

Kong Studio ships with a built-in editor and includes the features you need for highly productive spec design. Features include navigation and linting of your OpenAPI spec as you design.

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OpenAPI Spec Editor

Git Sync

Kong Studio is built for the API DevOps lifecycle, where infrastructure and configuration are code. We enable this through tight integration with Git. Regardless of whether you’re using GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab, you can import, commit, create branches, swap branches and more directly from Kong Studio.

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Git Sync

Generate Requests from Specs

Kong Studio also provides tight integration with the Insomnia core. As you design and edit your specification, you can quickly generate and update existing requests directly from the OpenAPI spec editor built into Studio. Upon generating requests, you’ll enter the debugging mode — the Insomnia UI you’re already familiar with — and can quickly begin debugging your spec.

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Debug Specs

OpenAPI GraphQL Support

Kong Studio believes that documentation support could be better. With that in mind, it comes with auto-detection for GraphQL APIs even when documented through OpenAPI.

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Deploy to Kong’s Developer Portal

Lastly, and most importantly, is one of the key integrations of Kong Studio — integration with the Kong Enterprise platform. Directly from within Kong Studio, you’ll be able to deploy the OpenAPI spec you’ve been designing and debugging directly to the Kong Developer Portal of your choice. No matter what workspace, we’ve got you covered. Made changes and want to update your spec on Kong Developer Portal? We’ve got you covered there too.

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Deploy to Dev Portal

We’re excited to get customers up and running on Kong Studio. To learn more about how Studio can help your developers build better services, check out our webinar or reach out to us directly.

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