By on April 11, 2017

Kong & Wallarm Unite to Provide Ultimate Security for APIs

Mashape is working with Wallarm to provide Kong Enterprise users the ultimate protection for their APIs. Wallarm is a next generation web security solution designed to protect businesses from application-level attacks, which organically combines vulnerability detection with next generation web application firewall (WAF).

With over 9,400 stars on Github, Kong is the most popular open-source API gateway and microservices management layer. Built on NGINX, a high-performance web server and load balancer, Kong is designed for high availability and distributed systems.

Wallarm is a web security solution designed for modern web applications and APIs. Like Kong’s development structure, Wallarm is developed on top of NGINX. Among the many use cases for Wallarm’s protection include high load web projects in e-commerce, SaaS/PaaS, big data, news media, communications and online payment providers.

In addition to Kong Plugins for protection and extensibility, combined with Wallarm security measures, Kong Enterprise clients are one small step away from protecting web assets against possible data breaches and hacker attacks. Users only need to switch from basic Kong OSS to enterprise to experience the power of Wallarm.

“The Kong API gateway is a great way to make microservices more manageable for the development community. Old-fashioned architectures have long given way to microservices that communicate with each other via an API, but security does not always keep pace with the development of technology. We keep focused on new web technologies, whether it’s microservices, HTTP/2, Web Sockets or API protection. The relationship with Mashape is closely aligned with our long term strategy” said Wallarm’s CEO, Ivan Novikov.

With no changes to a Kong user’s deployment a complete security protection layer can be added quickly. Wallarm is a perfect choice for continuous integration environments since it’s optimized for protection of frequently updated applications; plus, its hybrid architecture makes it uniquely suited for micro-services and Kong API management deployments.

Unlike legacy WAF solutions that require signatures and manual configuration of security rules, Wallarm leverages the power of big data and machine learning to craft blocking rules specifically for every application. As a result, Wallarm’s solution detects even the most sophisticated attacks while keeping false-positive rates extremely low.

Mashape is excited to work with Wallarm and encourage developers to use the WAF solution with their Kong deployment. To learn more about Wallarm and Kong Enterprise solutions, please contact us to set up a demo.