By on March 4, 2015

Mashape at UofTHacks in Canada

DataVR team at UofTHacks in Canada

DataVR team at UofTHacks

At Mashape, we love hackathons! A month ago, we were at Canada’s University of Toronto UofTHacks; which featured a full weekend of coding and more than 500 students from all across Canada. I was there to represent Mashape, give out amazing t-shirts, spread the API love with our stickers, award a prize, and most importantly, act as a mentor and help students with their development issues.

Mashape had a prize for the best application using an API from our marketplace. With so many APIs to choose from, it was easy for students to select a winning combination; however, selecting a winner wasn’t easy, trust me! There were so many good applications made during the event, but there can only be one winner.

Congratulations to everyone on the DataVR team! They created an virtual oculus rift gallery with Imgur images and the Advanced Porn Nudity and adult-content detection API to make it safe for all attendees, no matter their age.

Here’s a preview of our Facebook photos album containing pictures of the event, and the teams who entered the contest:

It’s always a pleasure to attend hackathons as it gives hackers access to thousands of APIs from our marketplace; plus, it’s always exciting to see what cool applications developers create in less than 48 hours. For our Canadian friends, Mashape will be back in late march to attend Hack Western.

See you there!

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