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Mashape attended HackLondon!

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Every other weekend, there is a hackathon to attend. Not all hackathons are the same though. Attendees, food, sponsors, ideas, and location all vary constantly and bring a unique vibe. Engineering your idea from 0 till the time you demo to everyone else on stage is a unique feeling. If you’ve never been to a hackathon, you should go.
In my life, I have attended tons of hackathons around the globe. I used to go to one a week in my earlier days; sometimes, I split myself between two hackathons too! I have always been impressed by the passion of attendees and event managers, and this weekend was no exception. In fact, this event was extra special. The passion and energy the organizers put into preparing and running the event was amazing. Here’s why:

UCL and KCL are two highly reputable universities in London; which kind of compete against each other. When I heard they were throwing a student hackathon together, I was shocked.

For the fortunate few that grabbed an early ticket, HackLondon took place at the KCL campus. The event sold out in minutes! Small and large rooms accommodated over 200 students from all over the UK and abroad. Some of the attendees traveled far to join the hackathon; as an example, a young lady from Brazil participated in the event. By the way, she holds the record for being in the top LUA committers on github worldwide!

Throughout the hackathon, there were mini-events taking place, so people who wanted to take a break from coding or just didn’t feel like coding at all could still have tons of fun. I really liked this arrangement! Hats off to the mini workshop on advanced VIM and TMUX by @agamble.

Some hacks, developed in 24h, used APIs listed on Mashape. The hack that won our heart analyzed pictures and returned the true dominant colors.

Here are some more projects that were built using APIs from Mashape:


A 3D-enabled Bitcoin dashboard

Connecting tutors and tutorees around campus



Help patient monitoring by automating tasks for doctors and nurses



Finally, the overall hackathon winners built a Pebble watch app to store Barcodes. This way you don’t need to pull your phone or wallet out every time you gotta scan a loyalty card.

Congratulations to everyone, and see you guys at the next Hackathon! 😉

Know of any events Mashape should attend?


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