By on April 27, 2016

Brave NewCoin APIs now on Mashape Marketplace


BNC is the leading data vendor in the Bitcoin & Blockchain industry and has recently released a full API catalog via Mashape’s Marketplace.

“Bitcoin and the other 100 Digital Assets are an exciting, brand new Asset-Class. With trading exceeding $40B USD per annum & over $1.5B venture capital invested into countless blockchain applications, this ecosystem is growing fast and new applications are being announced every week”, said Fran Strajnar, Co-Founder & CEO of

BNC has developed a next generation data engine which taps into every trading platform on the planet, as well as bitcoin and several other blockchains, to allow app developers easy integration of Digital Asset data into their applications.

The majority of applications working with blockchain technology, require some level of price-discovery, ie real-world (fiat) currency conversion rates. The BNC ‘Digital Currency Exchanges Rates’ API is the only professional source offering comprehensive exchange rates for over 100 Digital Currencies/Assets across 350 markets.

“We have seen the ecosystem begin offering smart-contract solutions, digital wallets, new financial instruments, asset-registrars and countless other applications where blockchain transactions need historic or real-time market pricing to either integrate into legacy systems or to power new applications” Strajnar added.

Mashape is excited to have a full service Bitcoin & Blockchain Assets API suit available for our developers.


BNC’s product range offers:

BNC proudly states that basic price-discovery is a public good. This API gives developers a globally indexed price for Bitcoin and over 100 other Digital Currencies/Assets, every 5 min. Useful for any applications which requires an accurate price-ticker

Easy to use API offering currency conversion between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc to USD, JPY and countless other market-pairs. Full service offering down to a fine 5m indexed conversion granularity and full history

This is a novel new approach to price-discovery at the transaction level and allows developers to request a USD value for any transaction on the bitcoin blockchain. Simply request a transaction ID and receive back a US Dollar value along with full blockchain information surrounding requested transaction. Great for parsing entire wallets or series of blockchain transactions into your applications.

Daily, Time and Volume weighted historic pricing for the full range of Digital Assets traded today. Great for building charts, integrating into technical analysis, research,trading applications and much more.

This is BNC’s flagship Bitcoin Liquid Index (BLX). It is built by Wall St professionals to create a clean and accurate historic price-index for Bitcoin from the most trusted and liquid sources of Bitcoin trading around the world. The BNC BLX offers a fine granularity indexed ticks every 30 seconds and is lightyears ahead in quality over the various free tools used by amateurs.

  • Real-time use: The world’s largest Bitcoin Derivatives Platform, has integrated the BLX to calculate millions of dollars of futures contracts settled each week.
  • Historic use: Various industry leaders, like the deep liquidity trading platform, uses the BLX as superior Technical Analysis is now possible using this dataset.


Examples of BNC data are available in the form of countless charts on

BNC also offers aggregated news feeds, custom indexes, full blockchain network API’s which it will be bringing to Mashape users in due course.

As the world of bitcoin and blockchain continues to explode exponentially, we’re excited to have BNC, the premium Digital Assets data vendor, and their API solutions available to our Mashape community.